Peace to Enjoy Life

I have been talking about living a grace-filled life for years now. Some people think it’s hogwash or just a gimmick, and that’s okay. This message isn’t for everyone, and I am not called to everyone. To the people that I’m supposed to reach, I want you to understand the importance of truly living out God’s revelations. He will equip you to carry out your calling. Sometimes the equipping part isn’t exactly what you may have imagined, but His way is always the best way.

When the doctors diagnosed me with prostate cancer several years back, I had to decide whether I would stand in faith, believing what I know the Word says about my health, or whether I would allow the natural “reality” of my situation to push me into a place of fear, worry, and doubt. It wasn’t easy, but I chose to fight. I fought daily through my confessions. I renewed my mind with the Word of God every chance I had. I decreed the Word of the Lord over my body and my mind. I fasted to align my will with God’s Word. I prayed—not begging and pleading prayers, but prayers of thanksgiving for what I knew God had already done in my body. And I fought to remain in the peace that Jesus gave me through His finished work on the cross.

Why did I do these things? I had to build up more confidence to remain in that place of rest, peace, trust, and reliance on Him. Here’s the thing that kept me the most: believing that God loves me. I meditated on the fact that God loves me and, because He loves me, there’s no way this thing was ever going to have victory over me. I am greatly loved by God. I am His beloved. He loves me unconditionally. He loves me all day, every day; nothing I have done can stop Him from loving me. And guess what? I overcame!

Your struggle may not be cancer; it may be dwindling church numbers or a wayward child. But the fact still remains that, in Jesus, you already have the victory. We are just waiting for our natural eyes to see what our spirits already know. Your ministry is already blessed because God called and equipped you. Your children are already leading godly lives because God’s Word tells us they will not depart. Your body is already healed. Your finances have already come together. Whatever it is that you’re believing God for, it’s already done. As you continue to stand in faith and fight to remain in that place of peace, rest, and trust in Jesus, you will see the fruition of it in the natural.

The only struggle we, as Christians, should have is the struggle to remain in the rest of God. That’s it. As simple as it sounds, at times it truly can be a struggle. To understand this and be able to live it out is the most refreshing thing I’ve ever experienced. I wake up every day and make sure I do what I need to do to get into God’s presence. That’s what I desire for you. Get into His presence! He’ll lead you. He’ll fix it. He’s already done it; you just have to be patient enough to keep your faith in the field so you can live in a place of rest. Don’t keep asking Him when—just thank Him that it’s already done. And as you’re waiting, have peace and enjoy your life!