Laughing through the Pandemic: A Conversation with Creflo Dollar Part 3

COVID-19 has changed our way of doing many things, and life has gotten to be very serious. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine, and we have to stop and simply have fun. That’s right, sometimes we have to stop being a stick in the mud when this thing called life gets challenging. Have some fun! Laugh! I recently interviewed my friend, brother, mentor, and pastor, Creflo Dollar. We’ve worked in ministry together for many years, and we agree that sometimes you just need a good laugh or two. You can read Part Two of that interview here.

Pastor Dollar: You don’t have to be caught up in the pandemic blues. You really can break out of that place, but you have to make a decision that nobody else can make for you. When circumstances get tough, you have to learn how to move on with life. You will either decide that you are going to stay in this little corner for another year and a half, or you are going to ask God to help you to deal with the situation that’s at hand.

The situation at hand is still the COVID-19 pandemic, its variants, and vaccines. When COVID-19 first came out, we didn’t know what we were dealing with. Now, we know more than what we knew at the very beginning, but even at this particular point, we still don’t have a lot of answers and need God’s help navigating through this storm. Sometimes, you just have to smile. Say, “Lord, I need You to help me learn how to live my life and deal with the situation at hand. God, I trust You. I realize that I’m carrying more fear than what I’ve admitted, and I need You to help me walk through this.” Guess what? God has shown us how to deal with the situation at hand; we just have to use wisdom and trust Him with no fear. The best way to deal with phobia and get delivered entirely from it is to confront it. I declare that COVID is not a phobia for me!

To navigate through this, you can also work on your underlying health conditions, if any, to put you in a more successful place. You can do lots of things to create new routines instead of allowing situations to control you, dominate you, snatch your life away, or spend another year behind closed doors.

Bishop Fuller: That’s it. We must put first things first. What’s essential in your life during this season? Whatever is most important to you, that’s what you put first. Go on from there. Don’t get stuck in the mud. Don’t stay in that place by yourself. The longer you stay by yourself and stay quiet, the longer you’ll be by yourself. Then depression, oppression, suicidal thoughts, and everything else can come into play. Do something different that you haven’t done before. Learn how to enjoy life.

Pastor Dollar: You have to make a quality decision to choose life.