Ministers and leaders experience issues like divorce, kids being in rebellion, and grieving the loss of loved ones just like anyone else—it’s called life. But they experience these things on a well-lit stage in the midst of being leaders to others. Who do they go to in order to deal with their issues? Better yet, who does the doctor go to when he needs to be healed? The answer is rather simple: they must develop “behind the veil” relationships to get different perspectives on the matter. The Bible says there is safety in a multitude of wisdom, so we must become accountable to one another—no silos and no isolation.

Trying to navigate through the nuances of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many in a state of depression and suicide ideation and surprisingly Christians are counted in the number. However, prior to the pandemic, there had been a rising number of clergy, (pastors included), who were taking their lives fueled by depression. This unnerving trend is the focus of this article. My purpose is to expose the spirit of depression, how it has infiltrated the church, and how it can be defeated.