Redemption is a word often thrown around in Christian circles but not always well understood. As leaders, we’ve found ourselves teaching on this subject many times. Understanding the meaning and significance of this term changes how we see ourselves as leaders in Christ and what His act of love truly unlocked for us.
I have the honor of being able to speak with a lot of pastors and church leaders. Inevitably, the subject of “church hurt” comes up. While church hurt is not an excuse for any leader or layperson to stop doing what God has called us to do, it is a real and emotional experience that we must work through.
When people describe how COVID affected them, they often mention how it impacted their relationships and, in turn, their emotions. The physical isolation of the pandemic created or fed into mental isolation for many.
Jesus already knew the problems you would face in this life, and He made provision for you ahead of time. For those in ministry leadership, this is essential to remember.
As Christians, we accept that Jesus is our foundation. Everything we do should be built upon Him, but that’s not always how we act. Instead of accessing everything we need through what Christ has already done, oftentimes, we try to make things happen for ourselves in our own strength and become frustrated with God when we’re unsuccessful.
Young adults confront a variety of obstacles in life, some of which are unique to their generation, and they require the same wisdom to navigate life and make godly decisions as everyone else.
I’ve been concerned about young adults. We tend to talk about children’s church and teens, but often we leave out young adults or “millennials.”
Confidence and faith in God compensate you by escorting you into a place of rest. That rest positions you to receive what’s already been done. So, what’s necessary to keep this confidence and faith? Patience. Employ patience to maintain your confidence so that your faith will continue working long enough to produce a harvest of rest.
The righteous man’s steps are ordered by the Lord, so we need to pause every now and then to make sure God is the One directing our steps. We must make sure that we’re not being moved by good ideas that aren’t God’s ideas.