God’s Unchanged Purpose

Today, I’m reminding you of the charge that God has given you. Don’t forget your assignment; don’t run away from it because God is not finished with you yet. He’s counting on you—yes, YOU! He knows both what He placed in you and every obstacle that will be placed in your future. Guess what? He will give you the grace to fulfill everything He called you to do.

These past few years have been rough and brought about many unforeseen life disturbances. God’s grace has allowed His people to weather a pandemic, war, civil unrest, and financial crises, but amid every circumstance we may ever face, please know that God is faithful. Through His love, He is faithful to equip you, and don’t forget that other outcomes rely on you fulfilling your purpose! Someone else may be experiencing turmoil and need a breakthrough that’s relying on you to complete your assignment. Despite what life throws at you, your heavenly Father doesn’t change His mind. He has your back.

What is God’s purpose for my life, you ask? It looks different for every believer, but for ministry leaders, the goal is always the same. It can be found in Acts 26:16-18, when Jesus appeared to Saul. After he was blinded on the road to Damascus, he became Paul, a minister with the following purposes: 1) to show others that Jesus is the true living God and the only way to be saved, 2) to turn from doing wrong things and point others toward the light of God, 3) to turn from Satan’s power to God’s power, 4) to receive forgiveness of sin, and 5) to receive an eternal inheritance. When you read this passage, insert your name where Paul’s is used.

I say to you again: do not forget your assignment, and do not run away from your purpose. A person who has no purpose is walking through life lost and depressed. It doesn’t matter what crises the world finds itself in; through God, you have the wisdom to prosper and navigate the challenges. Joseph was obedient to God, and as a result, the entire nation prospered during a famine. Say this out loud: I have the wisdom of God; it operates in my life. I hear what God has to say and am obedient to what He has for me.
You become unstoppable when you choose to respond to chaos and trials with obedience and faith in God! Your life is filled with joy because you have trusted the Lord. Every time you open your Bible, you become even more joyful because you can apply God’s promises to your life. You pray differently. You believe differently. You hear God differently because it’s coming from a place of faith and obedience.

If you find yourself in a place of anxiety or worry, stop! Hold your hands up, take a deep breath, and inhale the love of God. Inhale the peace of God, the joy of the Lord, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit. He comforts us in all our situations. I want to tell you today to be encouraged! God is for you, and if God is for you, who can be against you?
You may face setbacks, loss, and pain, but God is not done with you yet. The fact that you’re still breathing means He has more for you to do. So, rejoice today! Stir yourself up and encourage yourself in the Lord. Paul said, “That I might finish my course with joy.” Finish your course with joy. Your purpose has not changed!